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Let’s Get The Ball Rolling! May 17, 2008

Posted by texasheartland in health.
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Wednesday night, I had pizza for dinner. That was my second mistake. My first? Agreeing to babysit 2 little boys that drove me past my wits’ end. Back to the pizza. I ate pizza and had no problems… until I got home. I started having this uncomfortable feeling in my chest and my left arm hurt. I thought it was indigestion and it would go away. Boy, was I wrong! Thursday morning, I woke up feeling worse. I had this general feeling of “blah” and the feeling in my chest didn’t go away. Upon waking up, I told my Mom what I had been feeling and she rushed me to the emergency room.

In Triage, they took my blood pressure and it was 153 over 1-something. I think it was like 120. Yea, not good! So they immediately took me back to a room where they continued to probe and poke me. My blood pressure came down, thankfully! But I still wasn’t feeling too well. So they took an X-Ray and EKG. (Though I wasn’t too happy they poked me 4 times trying to find a vein to draw blood!)

They made me take some NASTY tasting stuff, which had a weird side effect. The side effect was that when I swallowed, I couldn’t tell if I was swallowing or not, but I know I was. But atleast the pain subsided.

About 3 1/2 hours of being there, the doctor came in and said that my heart was healthy. I was so relieved! He explained I had GERD, and it the symptoms sometimes present themselves as a heart attack when in reality, it isn’t. I had kept promising myself before this I would lose weight. Well, guess what? This was just what I needed!

So now I have GERD AND hypertension.

The only thing I currently hate? My right arm hurts from being poked, my left arm from the blood pressure cuff, and I can’t eat a lot of chocolate.

Damn them.



1. cathi stegall - May 17, 2008

how traumatic!
First, the babysitting….more power to ya!
Second, the ER trip…poking and prodding is NEVER on my to do list
Third, the personal demise of chocolate?!?!?! Now THAT calls for one bad day!!!

2. lastonyourmind02 - May 17, 2008

Thanks for the comment, it helps,

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