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I love eavesdroppers! June 27, 2008

Posted by texasheartland in family, funny, humor, life, random.
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“Something about crackers and teasing…”

Those words came out of my cousin’s mouth. Would it be better to start from the beginning?

Earlier this evening, we went to visit my cousin. When I say we I mean me, my boyfriend (who I’ll call “E”), and my sister. Since my sister hasn’t visited my cousin in over 2 months and almost 2 weeks for me, we figured it was time for a visit. Well, while we were over there, we started talking about food. Now take into consideration you had 4 people that were hungry and only 2 could actually eat what we were talking about. My sister asked me to make a trip home for something and “E” decided to come with me. He wanted some crackers we had at the house because he was getting hungry. So I did.  To fast forward about an hour later, all 4 of us started talking about food AGAIN. Notice a pattern? “E” started mentioning he was hungry. I said “You just had crackers in the car!”. He replied with “Those were a tease.”. While my cousin and sister weren’t really paying attention, you can tell they heard a little bit. My cousin goes “What?! Crackers and a tease?”. I said “It isn’t what you think”. My cousin looks over to my sister, who hasn’t been paying attention, and said “Something about crackers and teasing… I dunno.”. Now every time I see crackers, I will think of that moment where my cousin thought we were doing something sexual with crackers. I don’t think I will eat them or think of them the same way ever again.



1. jurgenkahle - June 28, 2008

i hope not lol

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