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Some new ways to make extra $$. July 2, 2008

Posted by texasheartland in Ecnomony, life.
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This will probably be one of my most popular posts. LOL

With this economy, it’s hard for someone with medical issues to find a decent job. Of course, I could sell stuff on eBay but from what I hear they’re buyer rate has gone down due to the new feedback system.

So I went online and searched for other ways to make money. But what to my wondering eyes should appear some really cool deals. I would take up offers on “blog for money” but WordPress doesn’t allow them plus I don’t want to blog about something I have no interest in. The next thing I saw was where you answer questionnaires for cash. What? Just answer a survey that takes 30 minutes and get $5 for it? I’m in!

Where do exactly do you sign up? One of the major ones that pays well is SurveySpot. They pay anywhere from $1-$5. I’ve seen some as high as $10. How does it work? You register with them and fill out an “about yourself” thing so they can match you with surveys for you fill out. They will send you survey invites for questionnaires from companies about different things. Some surveys and some don’t. The more surveys you take and qualify for, the more invites for surveys that actually pay. Once you receive at least $5 in your “Rewards” account, you can opt out for a check. Depending on where you live, they can arrive anywhere between 4-6 weeks. Sometimes sooner. I can honestly say I’ve made almost $150 in like 4 months.

If you want more websites to do the survey thing, I recommend visiting http://www.freesohojobs.com/fastfindssurvey.html for tried and true places.

There are also places like ChaCha.com where you get paid for answering people’s questions through a text message. I’m not a part of this because I am on prepaid at the moment with my phone.

Here is a link I found that is quite interesting!


I just want to say that even though Blogvertise says they do not accept WordPress accounts, this isn’t entirely true. Before I found out the WordPress TOS, they accepted my blog. But luckily, I closed my Blogvertise account before I even received my “task”. So if you want to do this and have another blog, more power to ya!



1. vinomom - July 2, 2008

I know some people that have made some fairly good dollars on cha cha!

2. brenda johnson - July 3, 2008

Times are hard, im sure you all know, Sometimes wondering which way to go. High gas prices, high food too . Sometimes wondering what to do. In these trying times we are all searching for financial security something more. Paycheck to paycheck week to week. Just enough money to get something to eat. THE VIRAL CASH FLOW SYSTEM is what ive found, it picked me up when I was down. It was the BUZZ that stung like a bee. Benjamins, grants, Lincolns in green. Fed-ex to my door delivering dreams, lots more cash then ive ever seen.

So if your on the edge of changing your scene. go VIRAL CASH FLOW if you know what I mean. change your future now, today. Free to sign up, you’ll be on your way. The all new reverse ½ up is truly the means, the means to capture all of your dreams. Gifts DING DONG, mr FED-EX everyday. Oh what a site, brining cash your way. Spend time with your family each and everyday. Tell your old boss you cannot stay.

3. Warren - July 3, 2008

Yep, the survey laid an golden egg

4. dt1966 - July 4, 2008

hmm, maybe I’ll check out the surveys and chacha when I run out of junk to sell on eBay.

5. maryjanecabrera - July 10, 2008


This post is great! Learned new sites where I could possibly earn money online. 🙂
I’ll check this out and hopefully it’ll be good. Thank! 🙂

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