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Independence Day Will Be Different… July 4, 2008

Posted by texasheartland in family, life, thoughts.
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For some reason, July 4th is a little depressing for me. I am usually broke, single, and I never have anything planned. I just stay home and either sleep or play around online. July 4th this year will be different. I have realized that 2008 is my year. While the economy hasn’t helped much in the way of making living comfortable, love sure has graced me with it’s presence. This July 4th, I will be spending it with my family and a new addition. My mom, for the first time since I’ve started dating, has invited “E” to spend the WHOLE day with us. Never has she invited one of my boyfriends to spend any kind of Holiday with us. As well as getting the spend the whole day with “E”, I have a renowned sense of well-being. I finally found out who I was and know I am heart-healthy. As I sit by my boyfriend and surrounded by my family to watch as the fireworks explode (so to speak), I will have a new vision on life.



1. croneandbearit - July 4, 2008

I’m happy for you that this 4th will be better! Enjoy! *grins* Linda

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