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6 years? I’ve been out of HS for 5! July 8, 2008

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Earlier, I was at the public library. I was picking up some books I haven’t read yet and movies because I am tired of the ones at home. Just as I sat down to leaf through the books’ pages, I see someone out of the corner of my eye. You know when you’re around strangers, not paying attention, and someone who looks familiar is seen through the corner of your eye? That happened to me.

As I looked up, this woman started walking my way. Without even taking a second look, I knew who it was. Much to my surprise it was a girl I went to middle school with. The minute she asked how I was doing, it began. We reminisced, laughed, and just enjoyed ourselves. We exchanged our jobs, and asked what I went by (I’m a music promoter by the way) when people ask for me. I told her to guess and she wasn’t even close. I won’t post my nickname because I can just imagine the comments I will get. When she heard that, she couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t breathe because she was laughing too hard. She said “You used to be too sweet for that nickname! I guess things change over 6 years.”. After she quit talking (I think I was able to get at least 2 sentences in), she took my phone number and I checked out my items.

On the drive home, I started thinking. Wait, I graduated in 2003. Since it’s 2008, that would make it 5 years since I’ve been out of school. We didn’t go to the same high school. It’s been 9 or 10 years since we went to school together. 6 years??? Wow, that makes me feel old. But what makes me feel older is that she forgot to mention we haven’t went to school together for 10 years. Did she forgot we’re not in high school anymore?



1. sandworm - July 8, 2008

Ahhh, to be so young…. Not that I FEEL old…. I mean I’m only 39 for god’s sake!!! I actually skipped my 10th 15th and 20th High School Reunion’s….

Everyone I actually liked and gave a hoot about I kept in touch with myself so what was the point right!!!

Hope all continues to go well for you and E, my wife and I have been together since I was 21 and she was 19 so it’s all uphill from here baby!!! And on a personal note we’ve been married for 16 years now and we’re both still happy people!!!! Even when we’re with each other!!! As long as he’s someone you’d have as a friend and you love him too you can’t go wrong.

C-ya later.

2. jurgenkahle - July 8, 2008

Yes age does seem to catch one by surprise,but i promised myself i will not get old, and i am ignoring all the thing that are trying to tell me i am getting older.
It can be nice to meet old friend (sometimes)but i live so far from my home town(Cape Town) its not likely
Yes i 2 which you and E the best in life

3. vinomom - July 8, 2008

Just wait til your 10 year reunion comes around…Mine’s next year. You don’t feel old yet hon! You’ve gotta at leat pass 25!

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