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Is It Okay To Crap My Pants? July 12, 2008

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I have had such a busy week, I had totally forgotten about a contest I entered. This contest had a prize of winning a phone call from the band SOUL who will be performing at the South Texas Rock Festival tomorrow (July 12th). They would call the winner as they were walking towards the stage while on the speakerphone. The whole phone call would be videoed for SOUL’s “Live from South Texas Rock Fest” DVD.

This morning I got up early because I didn’t sleep much last night. As I checked my messages and e-mail, I noticed I had a message from a Street Team member who put the whole contest together. She said that I had won the contest and would be receiving the phone call! Naturally, I did a little victory dance. That was until it actually started to sink in. I am starting to get a little nervous though I am EXTREMELY excited. I am nervous mostly because I don’t want to make an idiot out of myself and have it broadcasted on a national DVD. But then again, I do embody my nickname and would be memorable!

So is it okay to crap my pants for the win?



1. spencerd - July 12, 2008

sure it is! haha,,hey congrats, sounds like fun. thanks for stopping by!

2. sandworm - July 12, 2008


Congrats, I used to be a DJ at USF in the late 80’s and got to interview The Black Crowes Before they hit it big. It was great and very smokey!!!!!

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