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Winter in the summer? Part 2 July 18, 2008

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If I don’t make sense, bear with me. I woke up on the early side.

Okay, as you all know I am in a “Christmas” state of mind. Maybe it’s just because I’m tired of triple digit temperatures and I am ready for 50’s as highs and 20’s as lows. But I do know that after a while, I’ll get tired of the cold and would want spring to come. That’s how it always is.

Me, “E”, and my mom were talking about Christmas last night. Because of the economy, we doubt hardly anyone will decorate the outside of their house. That includes us. We usually have a lot out. Reindeer, spiral trees, lights all over the front and our bushes looking like someone lit them on fire. But have you noticed that less and less people are decorating year after year? I can bet that hardly ANYONE will have lights on their homes.

Can you imagine “Black Friday” (the day after Thanksgiving)? Do you think stores are going to be filled to the brim with people taking advantage of those sales? Absolutely not! If we can’t afford to DRIVE to the store, what makes economists think we can BUY stuff in the store? With $5 gas just around the corner, Christmas is going to be low-key all around America this year.

Can’t these people get it through their thick skull? Spending 5 billion dollars on a windmill farm isn’t going to help the economy. Did the stimulus checks help? Nope!



1. vinomom - July 21, 2008

I don’t think any price in gas could keep Black Friday from being the biggest shopping day of the year, actually. I don’t ever shop on Black Friday, but though the economy h as slowed, Christmas puts us all back into a shopping mood. We aren’t going to be counting those miles per gallon when we are looking for the perfect gift

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