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Family & Love July 27, 2008

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I know I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been spending a lot of time with “E”.

Ya know, it’s funny. Ever since July 4th, my family and “E” have grown closer just like we have. On a recent visit (Friday to be exact), me and “E” were playing Uno. We were talking about Christmas and the Holidays. My mom asked “E” what he wanted for his birthday (which is EXACTLY 2 weeks before mine) and what he wanted for Christmas. He replied with “Being with ya’ll is enough”. I wanted to cry. I can tell he loves spending time with me and my family. I am just shocked that he enjoys it that much. He’s extremely helpful. When we grocery shopping, he doesn’t mind carrying in the big bag of kitty litter or kitty food. Last time, he actually made Mom put down the beer so he can carry it in the house.

Speaking of birthdays, he knows I’m getting him something. He knows from where, too, just not what he’s actually getting. It’s kind of hilarious because he asked if I still had the catalog in which I was ordering from and I went to go look for it. Couldn’t find it (I think I threw it away that weekend I cleaned.) so I told him that I no longer had it. He tried to guess but wasn’t ANYWHERE close to being right. Now if only I could figure out what the hell my sister wanted.

I can’t wait to get Monopoly next week. And he thought I was competitive at Uno? He better just wait.

What can I say… even if he says he’s gonna be with a person for a looooong time before he gets married, I know he’s gonna stay around for a while.



1. Lynn - July 28, 2008

“just wanted to post you a comment. i really hope you and “e” keep getting along as well as you do now. lots of luck to you. sounds like having a family to be around is really important to him. and i know that in time he will find out just how special you are…

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