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It’s official… August 2, 2008

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“E” has become an official member of this family… somewhat. Yesterday, he called rather early (I was still asleep) so he could come over for the day. So after picking him up and bringing him home, Mom got up off the couch and gave him a hug. Also, during the day she called him her “son”. All I said was “Awww” but deep inside, I wanted to cry.

For the first time ever since I’ve started dating, this would make him the first to break all barriers between my family and become a part of our clan. Mom and sis said that whenever we move (which might be a year or 2 from now) that he could come live with us. I even told him that yesterday morning when we were driving back to the house. His face lit up and he said “Do we get our own room?”. Laughing, I said “I sure hope so! It would be so weird living down the hall from my boyfriend.”. Though I know it won’t happen, it’s fun to hope for it.

As far as marriage, I’m not totally sure. He said he wanted to be with someone for a long time before he considers it because he wants to get to know the person through and through. I have to say, I agree. In one of my past relationships, we got engaged too soon and when he broke up with me, it was really hard. You don’t want to jump in to soon only to find out that they are not who they are when you’re not with them. But I think that he will be a part of this family until the end of time.



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