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Monopoly and Learning August 14, 2008

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A while back, Mom bought us some Uno cards so me, “E”, and Manders could have some sort of game to play. We can’t all sit in the bedroom and watch “E” play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. We played Uno for what seemed forever. I must say, “E” developed some mad Uno skills! He once was able to put down all 7 cards at once. I hated him for that.

Well, we got bored of playing Uno so we got a Monopoly game. Ah yes, the beloved Monopoly game board! Now there are a few things I’ve learned while playing Monopoly with “E” and Manders. One is to buy Park Place and Boardwalk as soon as possible. Otherwise, I’m screwed. Those two build palaces on PP and Boardwalk! What else have I learned? Cats love the game. Smokie will SIT in the MIDDLE of the board, making it impossible to do anything. Did you know that it IS possible for the bank to run out of money? And did you know Toys R Us doesn’t sell Monopoly money? We asked. Just make sure me and “E” don’t go to often. We were like kids in a candy store. And what is the deal with losing game pieces? We didn’t have it 4 days and we lost a deed! Then just the day before yesterday we were playing and had ALL the Chance cards. Yesterday when we bring the game out, there are like 5 left. Where did the others go? Did the Monopoly gnome steal it?

I dunno, but I do know that we are getting another Monopoly set for the money and NOW the Chance cards. Oh yea, and some plastic baggies for everything. And a marker. To label.



1. cathi stegall - August 14, 2008

monopoly vs. uno!!! That’s like chicken fingers vs. ribs…one is much easier than the other w/ much of the same reward!

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