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Friday and I’m deadly exhausted August 16, 2008

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I usually don’t post about how my day went. Usually a week but never just a day. But I HAVE to today. Why, oh why, did I agree to wake up at the crack of dawn? I usually wake up about 8… 8:15 tops. But Mom wanted to get an early start on Friday errands and since my sister isn’t feeling well, it was up to me and “E” to accompany her. I didn’t get much sleep because Smokie was CONSTANTLY wanting to attention all night. That cat needs a new hobby. I woke up at 7:10 this morning and not even 10 minutes of being up, “E” calls. Ugh, that means I hafta get dressed? “Ok, lemme get dressed and I’ll be over there.”. I half expected it to be soupy humid outside when I walked out of the house. But I was pleasantly surprised when it was nice and cool. Almost like a Spring morning. When it’s kind of crispy but still nice enough to have all the windows in the car down.

Usually “E” is quiet in the morning. He sure was a chatterbox! I’m like “Let’s hope we get to go to the bank right after we get home. I need caffeine running through my veins.”.

I had no problem with driving everywhere. I like driving. It was just that I was the gopher for the day and it wore me out. With like 5 hours of sleep, I was getting a little grumpy. After this, I’m off to die in my bed.

But THE coolest thing happened today. My mom makes this delicious “coffee concoction” (as we all call it). She didn’t expect it to be a big hit, but boy do we all love it! Me and “E” thought she had bought all the ingredients to make it. He wanted some and he asked Mom. But he didn’t say “Mrs. (last name)” or “Jackie”. He called her “Mama”. Once again, I wanted to cry.

I think the family is coming closer. I couldn’t ask for anything more.



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