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Costumes… scared me! August 29, 2008

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Today, all of us (“E”, myself, Manders, and Mom) did normal errands. Except we had decided to make one special stop. Manders is planning a surprise theme party (the theme is the surprise, not the party) for me and “E”. We stopped at Card & Party Factory. Manders wanted to get a couple of pricings for whatever she is planning.

Now if you’ve been to your local Card & Party Factory recently, they may have a Halloween room filled with props and costumes. “E” is a big fan of Mike Meyers, Freddy Krueger, and Jason. Keep this in mind. As me and Manders were looking at this AWESOME Mardi Gras costume. See the picture below.

I wasn’t paying attention to what “E” was doing. He had put on a Mike Meyers mask and decided to run up on me without saying a word until I felt wind on my left arm and saw him with the mask on. This didn’t happen in slow motion. I turned my head quickly and let out a yelp. Manders starts giggle. “E” is dying, laughing at me.

I should have had the camera with me though. They had some beautiful costumes. And what “E” was doing with the masks and costumes was hilarious. Next time, I am going to remind everyone around me to grab the camera before I walk out of the house. I do not want to miss another funny photo op… of course, for my enjoyment.



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