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I’m gonna miss her. September 11, 2008

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In 3 weeks, I will no longer have my cousin around. Her Grandmother decided it was time to leave the city and move a family of 7 or 8 ALLLL the way to Arkansas. I know they’re still gonna be around, but I am a little upset. I have more time with my her than I have my real cousins. We were like night and day, but we were family.

When my cousin told me that they were leaving in 3 weeks, it brought back all sorts of memories. I remember one night me and Amanda spent the night but decided to leave during because we kept scaring ourselves. I also remember when her brother and sister were so much smaller than they are now. Barbies, BackStreet Boys, Moffats, and sleep-overs.

Speaking of sleepovers, I remember this like it was yesterday. She stayed the night one night. We had glow-in-the-dark stars all over our room. When I was Christian, I made a cross out of the stars on the closet door. (Keep in mind I share a room with my twin.) Well, when our house had an entity residing here, it was particularly cruel that night. One of the standing oscillating fans got unplugged and the plug was literately dropped onto the floor. No one in the room was walking. In fact, we were all in bed talking. We started screaming for my Mom and holding prayer hands towards the “glow-in-the-dark” cross on the door. What makes this memory even… weird is that my Mom said she never heard us. I’ve never known my mother to lie. I will never forget that night!

I know she hasn’t left Earth and is only leaving the state, but I am going to miss her like hell. We’ve been through a lot of shit together.



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