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Guitar Hero? Build-A-Bear? September 26, 2008

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Thanks to “E”, we are officially getting Guitar Hero for Christmas. Which one, I’m not sure. That’s up to Manders.

“E”- They have the Mario theme song on Guitar Hero III.

Me- Really?

“E”- Yea. It’s pretty bad ass.

(“E” shows me the YouTube video for the song.)

Me- Damn! I wouldn’t even attempt that!

“E”- That’s on expert.

Me- Ya think?

Remember in one of my earlier posts I said that “E” played Guitar Hero at Toys R Us? Wait, did I even mention that? Oh well. But he’s been wanting it for a while. Then he got me wanting it. The next person to want it? Manders, naturally.

I can just imagine 3 people, 1 guitar.  Either we will all be laughing, getting mad, or fighting over who’s turn it is. Now if only we could get a 2nd guitar and have battles. Oh that would be so much fun! Well not really. Once you think about it, twin sisters and a sister’s boyfriend having battles. All 3 of us are pretty much competitive. We’re screwed.

Mom told us the other day that she will be taking all 3 of us to Build-A-Bear to… well, build a bear. I have always wanted to do that! I don’t care if I’m 23, going to be 24 in December. All my life, I wanted to build a bear. Pretty much a mini-me! I looked at their website and they’re so adorable! They have little bear football uniforms (“E” is a Dallas Cowboys fan. Shhh, don’t tell him I told you!) and I know “E” will make a little Tony Romo.

I wanted to make a Texas Longhorns bear (huge UT fan!) but all they have is a small UT shirt that I can make at home. But their cheerleading outfits are adorable! They have an orange and white one, which is UT’s colors. I think I might make a UT cheerbear.

Yea, I think this is going to be a great Christmas (or Yule, for us Pagans).

Can I play Guitar Hero first, though?



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