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Bowling may cause bodily injury November 13, 2008

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This past Sunday, a friend came down to see me. We had known each other for like 3 years and since I was going through a rough time, it was a good time to get out and get away from things for a while. Well, we met at the Wal-Mart parking lot since it was a safe public place. We didn’t want to just stand around the parking lot and talk. How boring would that be? So we decided to go bowling.

The games started off great. I won the first game, my friend won the second, and we were onto our third. It was my turn. So I picked up my ball and started walking towards the lane. I’m gettin the giggles as I write this. LOL I started thinking of something and it was making me mad. Obviously I didn’t have a good handle on the ball. As I start to bring my arm back to send the ball flying down the lane, I let go. Well, I think it let go of me. It flies the opposite direction, towards my friend and Manders. I look back and my friend has my ball in his hand. I start laughing hard, my sister is dying, and even the girl in the next lane is holding her sides. I kept apologizing and they still won’t let me live it down.

So what did we learn? Bowling may cause bodily injury.



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