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Gobble Gobble November 23, 2008

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Well, it’s inevitable. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Tables will be adorned with turkey, ham, dressing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, cranberries, gravy, biscuits… Oh, I better stop. I was making myself hungry.

Like everyone, my family has a tradition. Years before, my mom would cook the Thanksgiving meal. But due to circumstances beyond our control, we’ve developed a new tradition. For the past few years, we have been going to my Grandmother’s for Thanksgiving. This year won’t be any different. Well, aside from the fact that I contracted walking pneumonia last year on Thanksgiving Day. I won’t be sick this year!

We will arrive about noonish, maybe a little earlier. It depends on how hungry we are. LOL We’ll sit, talk, drink, and watch football until they yell that the turkey is ready. We head for home once we are too full to really do much of anything. We all fall into turkey-induced comas and sleep for hours and hours.

Every year, my Dad has been off at night on Thanksgiving. This year, he has been scheduled to work. Every year, we would put up the Christmas tree as well as the lights for the outside of the house. But because he won’t be home, I am not sure what we are going to do. Perhaps I’ll decorate the outside of the house with the help of Manders.

Mom: Angela, if they aren’t working, come in! We’ll work on them tomorrow!
Me: I think I got it! (A few expletives yelled out.)
Mom: Angela!
Me: What? (“Now why the hell aren’t they twinkling?”)
Mom: Come in and take a break!
Me: Fine!

A 30 minute break actually works! Now I want turkey.



1. Jackie - November 23, 2008

~~I really enjoyed it-funny and true– and maybe we can start doing some decorating this week. I hope You, Manda, Daddy eat and eat and eat Thursday. I promise to make up for it with the Holiday Season though!!!!

2. croneandbearit - November 23, 2008

I like the turkey-induced coma part best! I’m cooking this year and we’re having some friends over to join us – plus this week I have a 7-page paper due for school and I haven’t even finished reading the book it’s on! Yikes! Oh well, what could possibly go wrong with a turkey dinner?? Hugs, Linda

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