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“Take Only At Bedtime” November 28, 2008

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The night before Thanksgiving, I started developing an ear infection on my right ear. (Why I thought this year would be different as far as health issues, I don’t know.). Well, we found out that Mineral Oil is good for ear problems and so forth. So my dad brought some home on his lunch break Thanksgiving night. I took it in the bedroom so Manders could help me with pouring it in my ear. Before I asked her to pour it, I decided to look at the bottle because it’s a habit of mine. I saw that it was also good for intestinal problems (constipation, mostly) and looked at the directions. It kind of intrigued me because I didn’t know that Mineral Oil was good for constipation. Who knew Mineral Oil was also a laxative?

“Take only at bedtime” are the words I read under directions. I am not kidding you! Now we have all heard not to take laxatives at bedtime because we might be awake when nature calls. Why on earth would someone want to take Mineral Oil at night knowing they might have problems at 2 in the morning? Why on earth would the company put that on the label? I will never understand this world. Laxatives… at night. Why not.



1. Lynne - December 3, 2008

~~i really liked this one and meant to reply o it. i can just see someone take this at bedtime and be woken up by having to go and not make it!–yuck—-why not say take it but be prepared to stay in the bathroom.–lol

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