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Twins & The Holidays December 7, 2008

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A couple of days ago, I was watching “SuperQuads” on Discovery Health and the parents were Christmas shopping for the twins. An expert said to buy one major gift for multiples to share and then their own similar individual gifts. Once she mentioned that, it brought back a lot of childhood memories. My mom was the same way when me and Manders were growing up. She would buy us one gift to share and our own individual gifts.

Even now as we turn 24, Christmas gifts are equal in numbers. The gifts are no longer similar in color or item, but Mom always makes sure we have the same amount of gifts.

Speaking of birthday and gifts, I still have yet to get something for Manders for our birthday. Years before, we only got each other a birthday card. This will be the first year EVER that we have decided to get something for each other for birthday. And I have NO clue what to get her! I had her make me a list of what she wanted, but I am still at a loss. Well, the list was also for Christmas but I think I have an idea of what to get her. The only thing that would make me panic is if the store didn’t have what I want. It’s funny, though. I know her extremely well (almost as well as I know myself!) and I still don’t know what to get her. Why do they have to be the hardest people to shop for?



1. Manders - December 8, 2008

Bwhahaha! I’m the hardest person to buy for! I WON! HA!

2. Babar - December 10, 2008

hmmmmm interesting what will you get me for chrismas?

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