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It’s here! December 9, 2008

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Ah, the feeling of Christmas has finally arrived! As I sit here, I am listening to Brian McKnight’s “The First Noel” and the lights all aglow. It just feels like Christmas, ya know? Maybe it’s because R&B Christmas music is just so soulful and heart-warming, it gives it that extra little magic. I don’t know.

But I do rememer that last year, it didn’t even feel like Christmas. It just didn’t have that magic Christmas is supposed to have. Maybe because I didn’t let the magic grow. Maybe because after everything I’ve been through these past 6 months, I am able to enjoy the Holidays a little more.

Yes! The countdown to Birthday 24 finally begins! I know, I know. I know I’ve already mentioned my birthday but I’ve always been excited about my birthday. Still don’t have a gift for sissy. But I plan to get it on Thursday. KNwoing me, I will most likely need all day to pick up just 1 present. I know she’s not picky but I am. One Christmas, I spent an hour deciding on what to get her.

Hopefully the birthday card will be easier to choose.



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