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Sister Handbook December 16, 2008

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I am sitting here, chatting online with a friend who has 3 sisters and we were talking about the bowling incident. He said that his sisters tell on him about everything and I said “It’s part of the ‘sisters handbook'”, which in reality doesn’t exist. But I am starting to wonder what it would read if there were such a book?

Chapter 1: You and Your Sister

If you’re a man reading this, you have a sister. Congrats! Look forward to many months with grumpiness and female friends. If you’re a woman and you are reading this, you have a new best friend!

Rules To A Sister

1. If you’re a male, don’t ask how a tampon works.

2. If you must talk to another friend about an embarrassing incident with your sister, put it in writing a week before to be reviewed.

3. If you are reading this for your brother, you must tell his friends about his foot odor.

4. It is NOT okay to hit on your sister’s friends. They consider you like a brother.

5. It is NOT okay to hit on your sister’s boyfriend. That’s just eww!

6. Gifts are not required but often appreciated.

Hmm… I might have to start a new blog!



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