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Christmas Wrapping… December 18, 2008

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I kind of stole the idea from a fellow blogger friend but considering neither of us would ever be considered for a job with Santa, I would think it’s okay.

Her blog about her Christmas present wrapping fiascos reminded me of my own!

Case in point was last year. We decided my dad needed a new hat but didn’t want it as a Stocking Stuffer or anything. We thought it would be cool to wrap it and put it under the tree. We only had one problem… we forgot to buy a box big enough (or small enough, depending on how you looked at it) for it!  Luckily enough we found a box that was JUST big enough for it. Well, we thought so.

My sister and mom volunteered me to wrap the present. Why, I have no clue. I didn’t realize that the flap of the box wouldn’t close all the way. The only way I was going to get the box to close flat was if I cut up the hat and stuffed the clippings into the box. That wasn’t happening!  Don’t ask how I put the hat in there, but I was able to close the box enough to where it could be taped but it still didn’t close flat.

Remind me to never wrap a box that isn’t closed. It looked like there was a cut of wind in the box and it had no where to escape. It looked horrible. I’m sure an 8-year-old could have done better!



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