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It’s A Christmas Miracle! December 20, 2008

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I can actually wrap a decent present!

Yesterday, me and the fam went out for some last-minute Christmas shopping where I found Manders’ gift as well as my dad’s present. I knew they were going to be somewhere in between a cinch and grinch to wrap. It all depended on how good of a wrapper you are. Like I’ve said before, I will not be getting a job as an elf anytime soon.

After we got the lights back on from the exploding substation (come to find out, only 1 wire was the cause of a domino-effect that left over 8,000 residents without power on a freakin’ Friday Night!), I decided that after I posted a blog, I was going to wrap presents.

Manders was in the bedroom so I had to wrap on the floor. Naturally, Smokie got in the middle and tried to shred the paper as I was cutting it. She pawed at the bows, and bit the paper. I decided to wrap Manders’ present first because it was the biggest and required the most attention because the edges were sharp. About, I guess, 30 minutes later (told you I’m not good), I was finished. Top off with a little silver bow and some purple ribbon, it was festive enough to even make Santa jealous! Ok, so I’m lying. But atleast the paper is flat and there aren’t any holes!

Next was my dad’s. Now, I’m used to wrapping boxes. Not DVD cases. Let’s hope he doesn’t care what the back looks like. There’s tape and folds, and I think maybe a scratch or two where the taped instantly adhered to the surface. Yes, I am a ripper. If the tape isn’t where it’s supposed to be, I will try to take it off. I’m thinking of putting his DVD in a box. Maybe it’ll look better.

But still, I wrapped a decent present!



1. steppingthru - December 21, 2008

Congratulations! I’m not a good wrapper either but as long as it’s covered and has a bow I think its okay. I remember a friends mother who used to wrap beautiful presents and she made her own big full bows and put spray snow and glitter all over them. They were gorgeous and toxic. I really like sacks!

I used to know someone who made beautiful presents as well and it made me jealous. You like sacks, too? Thanks to whomever invented them!

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