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I couldn’t escape it! December 24, 2008

Posted by texasheartland in family, Friends, funny, life, random, sisters, twins.
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Once again, the twin questions came again. I was chatting online with someone and I said I had a twin sister. I expected him to say something abnormal like “That’s awesome!” or “Very cool!”. No, I was wrong.

Him: Do ya’ll look alike?

Me: (groans) Yea, we look alike. We’re twins!

Him: What’s it like having a twin?

Me: Like having a twin. What’s it like not having a twin?

Him: Are ya’ll close?

Me: Pretty much.

The conversation went downhill from there before he kept asking about having a twin and everything. I know it’s not normal to see twins or hear about having a twin, but after a while, it gets old. I think even when I turn 60, people will be inquiring if we’re twins. I couldn’t escape it and I don’t think I ever will!



1. Jackie - December 24, 2008

~~sounds like a complete dweeb. those are the kind to steer away from…..

Yea, unfortunately, I learned that the hard way!

2. goodbadandugly2 - December 24, 2008

OOO OOO what is it like to have a twin? Just kidding! 🙂
Happy Christmas!

Oh no you didn’t not just ask that! Well, what’s it like to not have a twin? Hehe Merry Christmas to you and yours!

3. Manders - December 24, 2008

Aww… don’t worry. At least we know how to answer them now without giving them the evil eye!

I still give them the evil eye!

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