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Worst Christmas Gift Ever December 24, 2008

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We all know that every year, someone receives something something so horrible that we wanted to know what was going through their minds when they bought it (or in my case, made). Before I start the list of worst Christmas gifts ever given, I thought I’d start with mine.

I have never had pierced ears. I still don’t and don’t plan to have them pierced. I have even made it clear to relatives that I don’t want them pierced when it was brought up. On year, my aunt decided to make my birthday AND Christmas gifts. While it’s a thoughtful idea, the gifts just made me feel like what I said didn’t matter. Instead of a gift card or something more useful, my aunt decided that my birthday and Christmas gifts should be earrings. I said “Thank you” and gave them to someone who could use them.

Now, I present to you the worst Christmas gifts ever given!

3 Glass Jars of Bean Soup

Half-used Bottle of Lotion and Body Spray

Black Magic Marker

Toilet Seat Cover

Lint Roller

Jumper Cables

Expired Food

Stained Bath Robe

Package of Frozen Broccoli

Underwear (luckily, NEW)

What was the worst gift you’ve ever gotten?



1. commonsmith - December 24, 2008

Haha, okay those are pretty bad.

I once recieved a jacket which was obviously second hand and I suspect retired from the wardrobe of the gift-giver. Why give to charity when you can give to friends…lol

Ahh, yes the re-gifter! I guess people don’t realize that when you re-gift, it should be new!

2. Jackie - December 24, 2008

~~i know, what can u say about aunt sue and that family. i can only imagine what u guys will get this year. running out of weird stuff to give you-maybe this year will be a different year and something good. i never understand where people come up with the ideas to give you and others….

Wishful thinking this year.

3. Manders - December 24, 2008

THOSE ARE HILARIOUS!!! We seem to have our fair share of icky gifts.

You didn’t even tell me yours! And you call me your sister… tsk tsk.

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