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Christmas 2008 Stinks! December 25, 2008

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Unfortunately, that is how I feel. My Dad just got back from my relatives’ house to see if we had any gifts from any relatives because we didn’t go over there Christmas Eve. When he came home empty-handed, I felt a sadness come over me. Every year, we atleast get something from our uncle and aunt or even our grandmother. I am not upset at the fact that our cousins get something better than we do every year, but knowing that they didn’t even care to think about us this is heart-wrenching. Forget the economy! We could be in a depression and my relatives would still buy Nintendo DS for our cousin that isn’t even their son.

I thought the idea of having relatives is knowing that they care about you and your immediate family. Christmas is a time to be surrounded by friends, immediate family, and relatives. Unfortunately, my relatives don’t share the same ideals.

Aside from the fact that Christmas Eve was okay and this morning was wonderful, the magic feeling of Christmas just wasn’t there this year. No, I wouldn’t want to start Christmas all over. I just want to get the Holidays over with!



1. Momma - December 26, 2008

~~I agree that it is not fair at all the way they do you and Manders-and for that I am truly sorry and take all the blame. But they are not worth thinking about-and try to put them out of your mind. When we have our own business and rich and famous they will come running but we can blow them off!!!!

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