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I have no idea! December 26, 2008

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About 2 (or was it 3?) hours ago, I started talking to this guy when we realized we both had German ancestors. While it’s not uncommon to have German ancestry, it isn’t common with someone asks you a question you have never been asked before!

He started going into that his German ancestry came from the North and that my last name (which is German) had south and northern clans. He asked me if my ancestors came from the north or the south. To that, I replied “I have no idea! I didn’t know that two majors (last name here) clans came from the North and the South!”.

So for the past hour or two, I have been on the hunt to find out if I am a North German or a South German. So far, I found out that my great-grandmother, who died in 2001, was of German ancestry but because of the spelling, it’s hard to find out anymore information.

Next week, I will be heading to the library to find out if I am a North German or South German. I tried asking my dad, but he couldn’t give me names. What help does that do me?



1. Momma - December 26, 2008

~~this is gonna be great fun–can’t wait and Manders is excited also about us doing all of this stuff. love ya!!!

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