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Unfortunately… December 30, 2008

Posted by texasheartland in cash, Ecnomony, family, life, thoughts.
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Starting next week (yeah, Monday Jan. 5th), I will most likely not be posting as much as I am currently. Due to the economy and financial situations beyond our control, I will not have time to blog as much. Instead, I will be finding ways to earn some extra cash for my family.

Don’t think I am going to neglect my faithful readers. I will still be posting about some cyber guy or what my week turned out to be like.

But I promise to be back!!



1. Jackie - December 31, 2008

~~I really enjoy your blogs. And applaud you and Manders for trying to come up with ways to take care of this situation that we are in. You both show maturity that your father has never shown or will have. I am proud and admire you both.

Unfortunately readers, this is true.

2. croneandbearit - January 1, 2009

Your blogging buddies support you in whatever you need to do this year – just don’t be too long between posts. Stay positive and hang in there – I know 2009 will be a good year for you no matter what challenges you face! Hugs!

Aww thank you so very much! I truly appreciate it!

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