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The race is on… January 1, 2009

Posted by texasheartland in children, Christmas, family, holidays, learning, life, sisters, thoughts, Toys, Toys For Toys.
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Ok, I know I said I wouldn’t post as usual. But because its New Years Day and nothing is going on, I decided to post.

Anyways, I was entering contests and sweepstakes last night when I thought of something. I saw all these toys to win and a bright idea came to me. Me and Manders have been recipients of toys from Toys for Tots when we were little. So every year, even if we can’t afford it, we always donate a toy or two to TFT.

Well, I asked Manders if she would like to have a friendly race between the two of us. Through out the year, we plan on buying toys for TFT to donate. She agreed and this was the deal: We would have 2 boxes (1 for her and 1 for me) where we would put our toys. We would have a poster board with our names on either side with that little temperature thingy drawing like many drives have so we can see where each person is. The person who has the most toys the day we take to donate them would receive a small stocking stuffer.

We’re not doing this just to have a race but we’ve never been able to donate like we want so we figured this would be a great way to do it without wondering if we’re going to have enough money at Christmastime to even buy a gift!



1. croneandbearit - January 2, 2009

Hi sweetie – What a fabulous idea! A toy here and a toy there over the year will really add up when Christmas rolls around again. You are one smart cookie! Hugs to you.

Why thank you! We know that the children will really benefit from it.

2. Jackie - January 2, 2009

~~I just love that idea! A little friendly competition is good for the soul-and going for a good cause also. I will help out during the year by giving you both some money or toys-equally of course to help out–in exchange for extra chores and stuff-so you basically earn it-and maybe by letting others know they will contribute to your cause so by the time it rolls around you have more than a couple of boxes. I would also send an email to Rusty and let him know what you are up to. You both are so smart and intelligent-love you both to pieces!!!!–love, momma

Yes, people, Jackie is my mommy. And Rusty is our local weatherman who is a strong supporter and spokesperson for Toys For Toys. Anyways, I didn’t even think about e-mailing him! I may make it possible to where people can donate toys for the cause and stuff like that. I need to brainstorm now!

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