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Texas wins! Texas wins! January 6, 2009

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If you can’t tell, I am extremely happy.

If I’m correct, the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl was the last college Bowl of the season. It was against the Ohio State University Buckeyes and the University of Texas Longhorns. Now, I didn’t watch the whole thing because I was switching between the movie “Hook” (with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman) and “You’ve Got Mail” (no need to say who is in this!) so I kept turning it over to the game to see the score. Everytime I did, OSU was still ahead. So at the 4th quarter, I turned it to the game since “Family Guy” wasn’t on yet and I wanted to see UT beat the snot out of OSU.

Well, the 4th quarter was interestly to say the least! OSU got a couple of penalties, UT got one. The score was 21 to 17 with OSU leading. UT makes the snap and is taken down at the 1st down mark, and even though it had already been reviewed, OSU wanted to review it again. UT ended up keeping their first down. With less than 40 seconds on the clock, Colt McCoy throws the ball to Krosby and he drives it in for a touchdown!! They make the extra point and it’s OSU’s ball. UT wouldn’t even let them get a 1st down. 5 seconds left….




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2. Opinionated Diva - January 6, 2009

lol…you’re excitement is infectious! I used to HATE football so much I’d get pissed off because it dominated most channels…because people wouldn’t shut up about it at the office…because my ex always wanted to watch. Surprisingly now I watch on my own…odd. lol

glad your team won!

You’re not the only one who thinks my excitement is infectious! I was watching the game while my sister was trying to sleep and I couldn’t contain it any longer and start yelling at the TV! She wakes up and is just into the game as much as I am! But normally, she doesn’t like football.

Thank you!

3. croneandbearit - January 6, 2009

I will be gracious and say Congrats on the win — being in OH I’m a Buckeyes fan. 🙂

Aww, how nice of you! Though I cannot lie, OH put up one hell of a fight!

4. Manders - January 7, 2009

What can I say? With me going to be a Longhorn student in a few years, I’m going to be afraid to take you to any game!

I don’t care, I’m still gonna go!

5. Jackie-aka Momma - January 8, 2009

Congrats dear UT Longhorn Fan!!!!! Long live Colt McCoy And His Team!!!!!! Gonna Miss Those Seniors….

I know… I’m gonna miss ’em too!

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