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Pool January 9, 2009

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Never play pool (online or otherwise) with me. Me and a cyber guy (who is named Timothy) play pool on Yahoo! Messenger every once in a while. The games are rather long and neither of us make a ball everytime we shoot.

Today, me and cyber guy were playing a few games a few minutes ago and we were trash talking either other. We both said we would kick each other’s ass. And just about when I make my last move, I say “What was that about an ass kicking?”. When I’m about to shoot the ball, I get an IM. What the hell, man?? You just lost me the game!

I only won one game out of 5.



1. Lynne - January 12, 2009

~~never piss off the “last word fairy”–they did the im to get back at you!-they will always come back and make sure you don’t win the game or will end up looking like a fool-trust me i have done it enough to try not to do it-notice key word here-try…also maybe play some online pool against the computer to work on skills if ya want to. i couldn’t play pool if i tried-can’t even do it in real life. —

Definitely have tried that; still suck! Don’t worry, I can’t even play pool in real life. Most of the time, I purposely lose because I suck at it so badly.

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