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Puppy Rides January 10, 2009

Posted by texasheartland in Animals, dogs, family, learning, Pets, random, thoughts.
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I think I have found THE most effective way to tame a dog from Hell! My family has a very high-strung puppy that hasn’t even hit 7 months yet. He bites, chews, runs, chases the cats (that still won’t let him know who’s boss), and just causes havoc. Oh, his name is Zeus.

Me and Manders went out to do some errands yesterday and decided to take Zeus for a ride just to get him out of the house and some fresh air. We were out a good hour and he did excellent for sitting in the back seat alone. Well, except for the time he puked. Eww. When we got home and got him in, he laid down and was pretty quiet the rest of the night.

Same thing today. We had a few more things to do and took him with us. He didn’t bark or bite. He did do a cute thing though. I had an R&B song playing and when my song stopped mid-song, he kind of grunted and looked at me. We think he may like R&B. We got him home and he wasn’t as rambunctious as he usually is. Granted, he’s still a puppy and has caused chaos all evening but he’s a puppy.

I am thinking that whenever we have some errands to do (when not all passengers have to get out of the car), take him with us. Maybe he’ll be more sociable and a happy puppy.

Otherwise, I’m calling The Dog Whisperer.



1. Michael - January 10, 2009

We have a “dog whisperer” in our neighborhood, he doesn’t remember anyone’s name, but he knows all the dogs on a first name basis.

I wish we had a “dog whisperer” here. My doggy could use it!

2. goodbadandugly2 - January 10, 2009

Rides in the care did help our dog when she was a Puppy, you might be on to something!

I think so too! Who knew it would only take 1 second worth of decision-making!

3. croneandbearit - January 12, 2009

EmmaLou loves to go for car rides. When she accidentally gets out of the house and takes off for parts unknown, all I have to do is holler at her “Wanna go for a ride?” She’ll give up inspecting the house two doors down and run back to her own house — of course I’ll have to let her in the car and actually take her for a short ride. But it’s worth it.

I wish Zeus was like that! He JUST learned today how to get into the car without us picking him up!! Hehe… Atleast EmmaLou has learned the word “ride”. All we have to say is “Wanna go out?” and he’s at the door without his leash!

4. Lynne - January 12, 2009

Sounds like a lot of car rides and trips to the park will help Zeus calm down doesn’t it. May need to get some ginger to help with his car sickness. Really love your blogs. they are great!!!!

Yes, they help!! Next time, we won’t exactly go too close to the River. (For those who don’t know Waco, Texas- the Brazos River runs right through Cameron Park.)

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