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Insuring a Leprechaun January 22, 2009

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Ok, so the smallest things amuse me. I know you. You know it.

But earlier, I was searching for Irish and Celtic proverbs/quotes to put on my MySpace page. So in Google, I typed “Celtic Quotes”, thinking I’m gonna get tons and tons of websites just for what it is. Nope. Boy was I wrong! The following links were for Celtic Health Insurance. No lie. Goggle “Celtic Quotes” if you don’t believe me!

I was also in a Pagan chatroom at the time and told them of my findings. Most of them were surprised but one had a funny remark to say. Now, if you are brushed up on your Irish characters, we should all know what MAJOR Irish/Celtic character is widely known. He replies with “Does this mean I get to insure my leprechaun?”. As you can imagine everyone in the room starts laughing. I was so tempted to find the paper application for Celtic Health Insurance and put “Leprechaun” as a person to insure.

Can you imagine, though?



1. Opinionated Diva - January 22, 2009

lol. You are like me. I can crack up at the smallest of things. I’m still cracking up @ you googling “celtic quotes” and getting “celtic health insurance” LOL

Me too, even days later! Who woulda “thunk” it? Aye, not me!

2. sandysays1 - January 22, 2009

I’ll pass this on to an Irish setter I know. If I can ever catch him sober. Winter depresses him. Cold weather depresses me too, but I’ve developed a way to cope. Visit me at http://www.SandySays1.wordpress.com

That would be great, maybe the Irish setter might get to insure himself! I am glad you have found a way to cope with the cold weather. Many furry wishes!

3. Confetti Dreams - January 23, 2009

HA HA HA HA!!! Well lass, us Leprechauns need…. what’s that word…. life insurance, too! By the way, that is an awesome picture of my uncle…. Uncle Flanagan. 🙂

Hehe, he kind of looks like my uncle’s wife’s son!

4. goodbadandugly2 - January 23, 2009


Funny huh?

5. Lynne - January 23, 2009

~~that would really be funny! weird about the “celtic quotes” thing. you never know what will come up when you google something. may the your road always be the right road…..

I know… That’s why I am very particular in my search terms!

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