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Reviews or Muse? January 28, 2009

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A couple of days ago, Al Malekovic sent me an e-mail asking me if I’d like to try some of Country Bob’s Sauce and write a review. Happily, I obliged! Then it got me thinking. I could do this on a regular basis! People could send me products to try and I would write a review about them! Granted, I will still regularly post about my muses, my Zeus, my twin, my family… That won’t change!

So, if you have a product you want me to try and review, click on the “Contact” link to e-mail me. We will work something out.

Speaking of Zeus, he’s doing okay. Still eating, trying to get up, and drinking water. He doesn’t want to stand up right now and I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t want to either! But you can tell he looks bored. I would be too.



1. sandysays1 - January 28, 2009

I’m glsd Zeus is better than on my last visit!! Don’t let him out of your sight till he’s good ‘n’ well.

2. Confetti Dreams - January 29, 2009

We’re going to keep Zeus forever now! My poor little guy… usually the one who protects US and now we have to protect him. He’s going to become the most spoiled dog in the world!

3. croneandbearit - January 30, 2009

Glad Zeus is better. I left a surprise for u on my latest post – come see! Hugs

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