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Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce February 2, 2009

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Al Malekovic sent me an e-mail asking if I would like to try some of Country Bob’s “All Purpose” Sauce- meaning Bar-B-Q! I said I would, and what would follow would be a review.

I have to say that is probably one of the best Bar-B-Q sauces I’ve ever tasted! Texans know Bar-B-Q and they know Bar-B-Q sauce so I was a little skeptical if it would have a distinct flavor that puts it above any others. Seeing as though the SuperBowl was yesterday and I had left over Bar-B-Q, I knew what I wanted to try it on.

So when it was time for lunch, I grabbed a few frozen pieces of sausage, a drumstick from a chicken, and my Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce. I cooked it up like you would any Bar-B-Q (except without the grill) and was ready to taste my meal.

Country Bob‘s All Purpose Sauce made SuperBowl leftovers so different! The sauce is tangy but has a sweet flavor because of molasses that is actually in the sauce. Once you but into a Polish sausage or a piece of chicken slathered with Country Bob’s, you know they are knowledgeable about their meat and sauces!

Al Malekovic  had this to say when asked what sets them apart from other competitors:

“It is truly an All Purpose Sauce. It can be used for cooking and flavoring, dipping (fries, onion rings, etc.), steak sauce, BBQ sauce.. … Probably my favorite recipe is the Meatloaf, Word’s Greatest Hamburger, Corn Pone Pie, Shrimp Dip…”, and the “Stuffed Green Pepper Soup (which can be found on the website… … I have been using it all kinds of recopies from chip dip to Wheat Chex Mix.”

Showing that it is truly versatile in it many uses, Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce is showing that it will become a leading brand in BBQ sauce!

You can find Country Bob’s at these fine retailers:

Alberton’s, Brookshire’s, Korger, and a few select Wal-Mart SuperCenters.  To find a retailer near you, visit www.countrybobs.com.



1. Lynne - February 3, 2009

~~really good stuff!!!! people need to try it…..

2. Confetti Dreams - February 4, 2009

I am so glad you got it! Like I said in my review (remember the site for it?? http://confettidreamsreviews.blogspot.com… whew… long URL)- it can become addicting! All that yummy barbecue sauce goodness!!!

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