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I’m at a loss… February 2, 2009

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I’m 24, I should know what I want to do with my life!

Alas, I do not. Even my sister is studying to go to college to get a degree in Psychology! My mother even wants to get into accounting and tax preparation! I should have dreams upon dreams of what I want to do!  But the truth is, I have no clue what I want to be when I get older. I’m at a loss of what career I want for my life.

I’ve wanted to be a photographer, a professional music promoter, and make crafts and sell them. At one time, I think I even wanted to be a webdesigner for others. None of that has seemed to work out to my advantage.

I’m 24, and I know I have my whole life to figure out what I’m put on Earth to do. Problem is? I’m having a hard time figuring that out!



1. croneandbearit - February 2, 2009

The good news is you are young and have time to find your passion in life. Then again I’m in my fifties and I still haven’t figured out what I want to do when I grow up. The point is find what you enjoy and pursue it. And never stop having fun! Hugs!

2. Lynne - February 3, 2009

~~don’t worry sweetie. it will come to you what you want to do. there is so much for you to choose from-right now life is throwing you curves and you just gotta hang in there. it will all come to you really soon-like a thunderbolt and have an aha moment….love ya bunches….hugs and kisses….

3. AmandaK - February 3, 2009

Don’t worry about it darlin… You know that we’re here for you. You have plenty of life left to figure out what you want to do. It’s nothing something you have to do at this very second. I love ya hon!!!

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