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Once again- ANOTHER update February 6, 2009

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Yes, I know. I tend to make updates too much but you have to realize- life sure has gotten busy!

Ok, remember a while back when I said my computer was “life support”? We officially turned it off forever this afternoon. We had went to Best Buy last night to look at computer towers when we saw the HP. We decided to get it right then and there. It’s wicked fast and has Windows Vista preinstalled. We now have something to get used to and that includes this keyboard… But then again, that’s what life is about, right?

As far as Zeus goes, he went outside for the first time today since the accident. He had no trouble going down the stairs though going up, he needed a little push. He tried to run a little but we had to slow him down before he hurt himself again. He’s got a new collar (thanks to me!) that is UT. He’s got a new huge bed that is so comfortable, a new leash, some toys, and some food. But don’t think we stifled the kitties! They have some treats, a new toy (that Princess, the youngest, is almost animalistic with!), and new food. We would have gotten them a bed but I did that once and they hated it. So they prefer sleeping on the human’s bed!

I am ashamed to say, but I dyed my hair jet black once again tonight. I got tired of seeing brownish-red, brown, and black all together. I feel more like myself when I have jet black hair than we I have multi-colors.  Manders, on the other hand, is going in a totally different direction. Her hair has been auburn, black, red, blue… Guess what color is will be by the end of tonight? No, it isn’t a VIBRANT color though I think it might be a little bright. She is going purple.

See that “Lusty Purple” color? Yea, that’s what my twin sister is dying her hair. I’m not scared or nervous. I am used to her dying her hair all crazy colors! Keep in mind that I used to be blonde for 8 years and on a whim, dyed it jet black. She could dye her hair pink, and it wouldn’t shock me! Well, it might in the sun. But in general, it wouldn’t.



1. ConfettiDreams - February 7, 2009

I absolutely love my hair and this computer! Yesterday was absolutely a busy day. I’m glad we can finally relax this weekend. I am dead tired!

2. Lynne - February 8, 2009

~~i’m so glad that u and manders got to dye ur hair and get the computer tower!!!!!

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