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Shopping with someone else’s money! February 9, 2009

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Thanks to my sister, she won a $25 gift card to Target and being our mom is sweet, she gave us an extra $20 to go with it. It’s a good thing she did- we ended up needing it!

So as you can tell, we went to Target. I had forgotten how much more expensive Target was compared to Wal-Mart! I swear that after finding a Valentine’s Day card, we walked went from one end of the store to the other at least 5 times. I could be exaggerating, but that’s what it seemed like! We already had a Valentine’s gift, a card, 2 pillows (that we later traded- you’ll see), and we were looking at hampers when my cyber guy (the one I have a thing for) sent me a text message. He asked what I was up to, I told him, and he replied with “What are you buying me?”. I said “Well what do you want?”. He wanted Cheetos and a Dr Pepper. Wait… Couldn’t you get that at the Corner Store? Needless to say, he didn’t get it.

So we got the hamper (this would be a lot better than throwing dirty clothes on the floor for the kitties to use as a litter box) and decided to look for a comforter for the bed. Now I wish she had gotten a $25 gift card to Wal-Mart. The prices at Target for comforters are outrageous! No thank you!

So we passed on the comforter and decided to just look around when I saw the pillows. The 2 pillows we had in the cart were $5 each. I saw cheaper pillows! Only $3- you can’t beat that! So I took the $5 pillows out of my basket and grabbed 3 $3 pillows. Now that was a steal! It’s like laying on air!

I think we were done after that. Well, almost. We passed the ice cream area and I asked if we could get some ice cream. I got my ice cream! So all in all, we only spent $32 with some cupcakes thrown in there.

Now I await my turn to win a gift card so I can go shopping!



1. Lynne - February 9, 2009

~~Tried to comment the other day but it wouldn’t let me-so will try again. I really enjoy your blogs and everything. I know how expensive T’s can be-I haven’t been there in years. Glad you found your pillows, candy and such for good prices. It makes sense to just bargain shop sometimes and not give in to the high prices. Rock On!

2. Confetti Dreams - February 10, 2009

You know what? I can’t even leave a regular comment knowing I had to edit a tiny bit of it!

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