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Are you kidding?! February 10, 2009

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Everyone who has read past posts know that I have my eye on someone. Someone I call “cyber guy”. Someone I have known for almost 4 years and we have grown closer. Not to mention, he has gotten more playful. Well, he definitely showed a silly side today! Let me paint the scene for you:

Me and Manders were on our way to get our Dad from work. I looked at my phone to see what time it was when I realized I had a text message from “cyber guy”. I don’t like to read text messages and drive at the same time (not to mention it was busy), so I handed the phone over to my sister so she could read it aloud to me. He had sent a message saying “I need to talk to you ASAP. It’s about you. My battery is dead so call me at (number). I had to wait until we were at our Dad’s work to call him since I can’t remember phone numbers to save my life. We get to our destination and I put the car in park. Mom calls to remind us that we left something at the house that our dad needs. I let Manders talk to her before calling the number because I had so many thoughts running through my head. I asked her to punch the number on her phone so I could have a visual when I was dialing it on mine. It rang once- my heart skipped a beat.

“Thank you for calling the psychiatric hotline. If you’re compuslive obsessive, please press 1 repeatedly…”

It was a joke number! Are you kidding me?! Now that I look back at the text message, it’s oh-so obvious! “It’s about you.” makes a lot more sense now! Damnit, and I thought it was serious! So I replied back with “You are hilarious”… but I was being sarcastic. Either he didn’t catch it or knew it and didn’t want to say anything, he said “thanks”. I snapped my phone shut, and crossed my arms. I was trying to act upset by saying “I am not amused” but now that I think back, I can’t help but laugh! I was so gullible!

Not that he was getting anything, I said to Manders “That’s it. He’s not getting anything for Valetine’s Day”. Something’s gotta give with this boy. Manders said that I might have to break down and ask him out. Once ya think about it, he could be scared to ask me. I’ve never asked anyone out before… Guess that’s why they say is there always a first time for firsts… Or something like that.



1. ConfettiDreams - February 10, 2009

It was hilarious!!! By the way, the phrase is “There’s a first time for everything.” You were half right!

2. Lynne - February 10, 2009

~~what a sense of humor he has. but true he could be shy about asking you out and going to that next level. hmm…whatcha gonna do? how about an valentine e-card to see where it goes?

3. goodbadandugly2 - February 10, 2009

LOL! 🙂

4. croneandbearit - February 12, 2009

I can’t believe you fell for that! At least you took it well. Quit waiting…ask him out. Get moving! And of course let us know what happens…

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