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I hate Mondays… February 16, 2009

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And technology!

Our new computer went kaput on us early early Sunday morning. All we did was turn it off and couldn’t get it turned back on. We took it to Best Buy this morning. Somehow, a bug got in there. The “Geek Squad” dude opened it, looked at it for like just 2 seconds, said “That’s your problem. It voided the warranty, so we can’t fix it.” and sent us on our way. He wasn’t even nice about it! So we were all upset. If he would have been nicer about it, maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad.  People say “it’s the user’s fault” but how can it be our fault if we had no idea about it?! You generally try to keep your computer area clean to prevent this but you can’t be perfect! Grr! I hate Mondays!

But luckily, our old friend and computer turned on with no problems (except the HP keyboard didn’t work with it) so we’re using the 5-year-old Gateway until we get the other one repaired.

Onto another subject-

Since NO ONE is willing to sponsor my first giveaway, I think I may have an idea. Ya’ll just sit tight until I figure this thing out!



1. lifestartsnow - February 16, 2009

give away?? maybe that old keyboard of yours? mh…i’ll sit tight and learn so that i can start my own give away 🙂


Never know… Could be possible!

2. Spacey - February 16, 2009

lemme guess, that stupid warranty void thing came pre-installed with windows vista! lol, got a couple of BSOD’s just by going through your blog in the last 2 minutes 😛 it cannot be just a coincidence that my machine matches the exact details that you have mentioned. Keep me updated on that give away though…I could use some spares (will pass over that keyboard though)

all you CrapGadgets out there…kiss my khaki chuddies

LOL CrapGadets and chuddies! Hilarious! But yes, it came with Windows Vista pre-installed.

3. Confetti Dreams - February 17, 2009


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