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Woohoo! February 21, 2009

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I am gleaming with joy. And why? Because we just finished installing the new power supply for the new computer. We got frustrated but once we took a small break, and went back, we got it done. We plugged it in and turned it on. Power was restored to the once paperweight! It feels so nice to have the computer back. I got real tired of going to the library every day and now, I might actually have a day off! True, that’s wishful thinking but I deserve it.

Now that the computer is back in business, maybe I’ll actually be able to hold that giveaway. I probably won’t hold it this week, considering that this past week has been extremely busy. I will probably take a few days off to relax since it has been “go” almost every single day. Not to mention I’m not sleeping well since we now have 2 cats in heat (at the same time), Zeus barking at the wind, and Smokie wanting constant attention. Maybe one night I’ll just put ear plugs in and try to sleep that way.

But in the words of Stewie Griffin- Victory is mine!



1. Confetti Dreams - February 21, 2009

It’s time for a happy dance, eh? I think it would be better if we slept first…. we need that.

2. Kathy D - February 22, 2009

hope you are feeling better

I am definitely feeling a lot better than I was last night. Thank you so much.

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