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Why me? February 22, 2009

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Last night around 9:30, I was watching Grease when I felt my heart start beating a little harder than normal. I went to the restroom, came back, and not only was it beating hard- it was beating faster. I laid down to sleep to see if it would slow down. But I couldn’t fall asleep. The pounding and rapidness kept me awake. So I went into the living room and told Mom. We waited to see if it would calm down but it wouldn’t. Since Dad was at work, we had to call him. We called him, he got home. Me and Mom went to the emergency room. We saw all the cars and thought it was going to be terribly busy. I lied- there were only, maybe, 5 people (not including myself) there.

I walk up to the front desk and this cute guy gives me that little clipboard. It is obvious he is gay. But he looks like someone I’d want to be friends with. Anyways, I fill out the paper, he gives me my bracelet, and not even 5 minutes later, I’m in triage. The take my heart rate, which was at 122. That’s too fast. Then my blood pressure- 163/115. Even with that, they didn’t take me to a room immediately. Then I realized why- they needed a bed for me. We waited for what seemed hours. We were wrong. We only waited 30 minutes. Our nurse walked us to the room, asked me to use the restroom again, came back and after I had put on my  gown, she started hooking me up. The blood pressure cuff, the heart monitor, and that oxygen thing they put on your finger. She does an EKG and then draws blood. My heart was pumping so hard that when she started to draw blood, all I could feel was my blood going onto my arm. I wasn’t even gonna look. Mom looked as pale as a ghost. Poor Mom.

She put me on something to decrease my blood pressure and to give me some fluids. My blood pressure and heart rate started decreasing and I started feeling a little better. I only saw the doctor for like 5-7 total in the 3 times he visited. About 2 hours later (after falling asleep, talking with Mom, or just staring at the ceiling), the nurse comes in and has my discharge papers. They tell me it was dehydration but should I start getting other symptoms, to come on back. Oh if I start feeling other symptoms, they can guarantee that I will be back.

So now I am at home, drinking water.

But why do I always end up in the Emergency Room? Geez, I’ve had more hospital visits in the capacity of 2 years than someone has in their life!



1. Confetti Dreams - February 23, 2009

But you’re doing better- and that’s all that matters!

Very true!

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