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Aha! February 23, 2009

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Remember a couple of weeks ago when I complained that I didn’t know what to do with my life and felt like a disappointment? I have some good news!

Right when the old computer decided to go kaput on us, I have a revelation. No, it wasn’t about the computer or computers in general. It was about my “soon-to-be” career. I was watching The Dog Whisperer on TV when I realized that I loved animals. A lot. I wanted to be an animal behaviorist right then and there. In other words, an animal trainer. Sure, I would be able to train dogs to sit, beg, and dance. But I didn’t want to just stop at tricks. I wanted to actually be able to make them behave without having to say “calm assertive energy” because while Ceaser is great, I have other ways of making the animal behave as they should. Now in no way am I saying that I am better than Ceaser. Absolutely not! But I won’t stop to training just dogs. I have a lot of experience with cats (I’ve litter trained atleast 6 cats in my life- maybe more) so if they won’t use the litter, I know exactly how to deter that. I also want to have the experience of training other pets and animals as well. Make myself more versatile so it’s not just a cat or a dog, ya know?

But I’m pretty excited. I’m studying the THEA so I can apply to go to college to study zoology as well as animal behavior and everything else that goes along with it. I finally get to say that “Yes, I’m going to school” when someone asks me. It’s a great feeling. And knowing that both Manders and I will be going to the same school together just makes it that much more exciting. Oooh, college life!

So in a few years look for Angela Kinder- animal behaviorist on Animal Planet! Haha!



1. Confetti Dreams - February 24, 2009

WAY TO GO SIS! YAY! By the way, you studed? That’s a word?

2. Lynne - February 26, 2009

~~congrats on this my dear!!!! i’m behind you all the way!!!

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