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What do I need? February 24, 2009

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My good friend, Crone and Bear It, posted about where you Google your first name and then the word “needs” and some of the results that come up are hilarious! So I thought I’d do the same thing- of course with commentary!

Angela needs to constantly “feel” the presence of God… While that’s an interesting thought, it’s not even 1% true.

Angela needs a family who will access and work with a therapist… I do have a family but don’t need a therapist. Thanks though!

Angela needs a new wardrobe for her new life Absolutely!

Angela needs some glitter loving and hugs! … Works for me!

Angela needs to complete a psychological evaluation … Wouldn’t hurt! I probaby do!

Angela needs a family that will help her navigate her own path to adulthood… Got that and last time I checked, I thought I was an adult. Who’s lying to me?!

Angela needs to find a way to get things back to normal without also letting the villains win
… Oh how this is true! But I always let the villian win. Maybe thats my problem. And another post.

Angela needs her coffee…
Coffee, caffeine, I don’t care! I just need caffeine!!!!!

So what do you need? Google “[first name here] needs” (with the quotations) and see what you come up with!



1. croneandbearit - February 24, 2009

I love the one about not letting the villains win – what a scream. Wasn’t that fun? I “need” to think up something else we can do for grins…Hugs!

That was great and made my day!

2. Confetti Dreams - February 25, 2009

Here are some of mine!

amanda needs to pee (Oddly enough, I do!)

Amanda needs help with her test!(What test??)

Amanda Needs Love. (I’ve got that!)

That WAS fun!!

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