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I am so excited… February 25, 2009

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I could just burst! Smokie, who I told you in an earlier post was pregnant, had her water break earlier this evening. She’s a pro so we know that it will be atleast 12-24 hours before she gives birth. I thought we had a little more time but once I stop to think about it- as cats get older, their litter number decreases so she could be just carrying 1 or 2 kittens at the most. That’s why we thought we had more time because she used to get a lot bigger. She IS reaching 6 years old this year so I should have remembered she wouldn’t be carrying that many babies.

I am a little nervous because I’m not sure how Princess is going to react to the new editions. It’s not that she’s aggressive in any way, she just doesn’t like change. When Zeus got hurt, she couldn’t understand why everyone was worrying over him and on constant vigilance. I’m also not sure how Zeus will react. He knows something is going on but isn’t sure what it is. But it will be funny that once the baby is old enough to play and run to see what the kitten will do to Zeus! Now THAT I am definitely looking forward to.

But Smokie has been extremely restless. She doesn’t want to stay in the birthing box, which I can understand. I mean, she has 12-24 hours to go! I wouldn’t want to stay in a box that long either! It’s getting down the wire and I know I won’t get much sleep tonight. Even though she’s had several litters in the past, she always wants help so I’ll be keeping a watchful eye over her. Maybe I’ll get a little sleep because it is important for me to atleast get 3 hours of sleep- if not more. But she should be a little more comfortable now that we have the bedroom air conditioner on. I know- the air conditioner is on in February? Yes, it is. The bedroom catches the morning and afternoon sun so it gets unbearbly warm AND hot in there. If I was hot earlier, I knew she had to been smokin’! So I sprayed her with a little water (which she seemed to enjoy!) and kept petting and talking to her.

So hopefully by the time I wake up tomorrow, we will have a brand new addition to the family and I promise to post the adorable kitten pictures!



1. Lynne - February 26, 2009

~~good luck to you guys. it may be really crazy when the kittens do get old enough to play-what house full it will be!!!! i’m here for ya…..

2. Confetti Dreams - February 26, 2009

Come on kittens! We’re ready for ya!

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