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Well… February 26, 2009

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No kittens just yet. But she has gotten attatched and didn’t let me sleep at all. She wanted attention all night and when I would put her in her nesting box, she’d jump out and come back to me. So right now, I am writing with very little sleep. Where’s the caffeine when ya need it?

Speaking of which, you will be proud of me. I haven’t had chocolate since Sunday and haven’t had caffeine since Monday. Oh my goodness, am I having withdrawals. I want chocolate. I want soda. I want cookies. I want fudge! Which I have to pick a bone with Manders. She went to Etsy.com for some reason and bookmarked a page. One morning I was being nosy through the bookmarks and clicked on it. I immediately regretted clicking on the bookmark. Why? Go to http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6650648 and you’ll see why. Damn, I shouldn’t have visited it again. My stomach is growling.

This will probably be one of the most random posts I have ever made but with very little sleep, it’s hard to concentrate on just one subject. Here’s to hoping I have enough energy to do either A) clean or B) study for the THEA. We really need to clean but we also need to study (since I didn’t do good in the diagnostic test). Maybe I’ll take a nap. Yea. A nap.



1. Confetti Dreams - February 26, 2009

Heh heh sorry about that!

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