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Yes! Victory is mine! March 20, 2009

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This was a great week as far as computers and math goes.

First, the math. I finally got to understand Least Common Denominator! Granted that it’s the extremely easy way but I don’t care! I understand it and that’s all that matters. Unfortunately I am now starting the Algebra section of the study regime and I am not excited. Monomials? Polynomals?  What?! Sounds like Greek to me. I know I should remember this from high school but it’s been 6 years! Give me a break!

We finally got the computer fixed. I went to Best Buy yesterday to get the part but they didn’t hasve the kind I was looking for and the others were too expensive. Mom offered to spend the extra cash to buy another brand and I could have gone back. But I wasn’t feeling good- I had acid reflux and for those that suffer GERD, you know how it can feel. I wasn’t about to get back out. So since we had errands to do today, we decided to get the expensive one. Luckily, they had the one I wanted yesterday! I grab it, pay for it, and we’re out in less than 10 minutes. And about an hour ago, we finally put the part in and it worked. I missed my computer!



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