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I don’t feel bad… March 25, 2009

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I take that back. I do feel bad- I have a cold, remember?

But usually every day for several hours, I bury myself in trying to figure the hell out of College Algebra in which I could easily spend 2-3 hours writing and rewriting this junk. Why they expect us to know what x(squared) + y (squared)= (x+y)(x+y) I don’t know. It usually drives me crazy and after a hand cramp, I give it up. It can wait another day.

Today, I didn’t study at all. I read a little bit of  No Dominion by Charlie Huston and took a nice nap. I didn’t even think about studying. True, I only have until this fall (when they list new test dates) to get everything memorized so I can at least a good showing that I am ready for college. I know I have the Writing, Reading, and Essay part ready. I am extremely dreading the Math with a vengence. But I didn’t feel bad for not studying and still don’t feel bad.

It can wait. I still hate Algebra. Evil. Pure evil.



1. lynn - March 25, 2009

~~i so sorry. please get well soon…..

2. Confetti Dreams - March 26, 2009

Algebra IS evil! I have yet to get there! I don’t want to get there, either!

3. G - September 16, 2009

Algebra is your friend; it is also less natural for most people than handling their own natural human language. Algebra can be studied to understand how numbers work, and it can be used as a tool for understanding and managing other things.
College Algebra serves at least a couple of purposes. One, to have a strong understanding of Arithmetic; and two, to give more tools for modeling numeric information which may be found in someones job. Your College Algebra textbook should have several applications exercises in most of its sections so that the usefulness of College Algebra can be apparant.

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