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Decisions Decisions… March 26, 2009

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Lately I’ve been hammering on and on about wanting to review products and possibly hold a giveaway. Everyone else is doing it- it sounds like fun! And you know me- I’m all about fun. I’m the epitome of fun. I even have fun when I sleep. Ok, so not really but you get the idea.

As I was going down the list of other blog buttons and reading them, I stopped and wondered- maybe I could have a Texas Banter Reviews blog. But I stopped myself. I just can’t handle another blog. I update this one daily, Frugal Sissy weekly, and TwinTastic whenever I can remember. On top of that, I have to study for college AND find out what kind of business my family can start. Oy!  What was I thinking? You’d figure that after over 200 posts on here, several on the others, and College Algebra that my brain would be fried. But remember- I’m witty!

Of course, I’m still looking for products to review. I have a product from BzzAgent to review but it’s a Clean & Clear Makeup Removal kit so that will have to wait when I paint my pretty face for the boys. Who knows when that will be. Makeup + cold = weird complexion. I learned that the hard way one day. I was sick with a cold and when I’m sick, I’m pale. So I thought putting a darker foundation would help. Boy was I wrong! It looked like my face had tanned while I had on longjohns. But when I review the product (on BzzAgent as well on TB), I’ll get lucky and get more inquiries for a review/giveaway.

I still wish I could get rid of this cold and wish the dog would take a nap. He’s grumpy and needs one. So do I.



1. Karissa - March 26, 2009

go for it! just realize it really does take more time then most folks realize. First off, sponsors don’t flock to you. at least not at first. You have to go seek out companies you would like to review for and email them. and even then they may not be interested. Make sure you have some sort of stat counter (statcounter.com or sitemeter.com) because they will ask you how many page views and how many unique visitors you have in a month. I would say most reviews with giveaways take me an average of 45-60 minutes from start to completion to write. some take more and some take less.
Good luck! I hope whatever decision you make puts a smile on your face! I just wanted to drop off some words about it, cause most people don’t seem very willing to share their experience.

Aww, thank you so very much! I truly appreciate all the words of wisdom and advice!

2. croneandbearit - March 26, 2009

sweetie I’m sorry you’re still sick – did you get the Zicam? It’s amazing how much it helps. Also if you can stomach it try a shot of brandy in warm milk before bed – I don’t know why but that helped me, too. and no I did NOT take meds when I drank the brandy. I think you’re stressed and your immune system is acting funky. I’m sending a special immune system picker-upper hug your way right this very minute. Love ya, mean it!

Oooo, Brandy in warm milk… nice! Yea, I have to agree with you- stressed = bad immune system. I plan on picking it up tomorrow! Meant to do today but ya know how it is. Thank you!

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