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Hippity Hoppity… April 9, 2009

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“In your easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it, You’ll be the grandest lady in the Easter parade…”

Not a bunny from Mom

In the famous words of Irving Berlin, Easter is coming! I remember when I was a little girl and while Mom couldn’t afford the huge toy baskets that some of the kids got, Manders and I always received chocolate and a stuffed bunny. While I don’t have any of the bunnies she gave us when we were young, I still relinguish the fact that I had received a bunny every year. This year- no bunny, just chocolate. Well, Mom was trying to save it for Easter but with a chocoholic living in the house, it didn’t last. I ate what I was supposed to get for Easter in 2 days. She plans to buy us another chocolate bunny but ya never know.

Last year, Easter was different. I got chocolate but no bunny. Why? We went out of town that Saturday to Fossil Rim– which is a wildlife center where you are able to see thousands of deer, rams, antelope, and zebras roaming the property. You are also able to feed them (minding that you stay in your car!). It was a great and unique experience that I hope to do once more. We also went to Dublin, Texas- home of the Pure Sugar Cane Dr Pepper. Oh those are so good! A little expensive but that is the only place you can purchase those kinds of drinks. It was definitely another great experience!

What I look forward to is the storms we will have Easter day- remember, I live for Spring storms!



1. Confetti Dreams - April 10, 2009

You and I both remember the past Easters. They were filled with simpler times. Oh to be a kid again!!

2. Lynn - April 10, 2009

~~isn’t it strange how holidays can bring back some really good memories…this year may be remembered for being stormy. love your blogs….

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