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Twister Sister April 10, 2009

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Remember a while back when I gave Manders the new nickname of “Twister” since she’s my twin sister? Well, even when the computer wasn’t working, I started thinking of doing something. While I wanted to start an organization called “Twister Sisters” for twin sisters around the world, I didn’t know how to. I’ve always been used to forums and have been a mod for forums ever since I was a little younger than I am now. I had my first website when I was 14 so what does that tell you?

So when we got the computer fixed, I knew exactly what to do- make a twin sister forum with my sister’s nickname as it’s namesake! I felt like a genius. I mean, who could’ve come up with the name “Twister Sisters” besides the band Twisted Sister and balloon artists The Twister Sisters except for actual twin sisters? I’m a genius, I swear. Ok, so I’m not really a genius. If I was, well, then I would know what the hell is wrong with life.

Anyways, I finally created a forum just for twin sisters around the world (and a few guys who are twins or just wanna be part of something). It’s nothing major right now because I just created it, oh, about 45 minutes ago. LOL Wanna see it? Do ya? Do ya?

Go to http://twistersisters.proboards.com to see my cool new twin forum. If you know any twins or a mom with twins, feel free to pass it along. Why do you think I’m posting about it?



1. Lynn - April 10, 2009

~~really good idea!!

2. Manders - April 11, 2009


3. Holly Hopper - September 25, 2009

Hi! Holly here from the balloon artist Twister Sisters! Hey thanks for mentioning us on your website! We aren’t twins unfortunately, but we are really sisters who make balloon animals 🙂 It is a catchy name, people are allllways commenting on how clever it is. Good luck with your forum!

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